Pneumatic Actuators and Position Sensors

Pneumatic Actuators

Here at Melett, we offer a growing range of pneumatic actuators cover a wide range of turbo models, including; Garrett GT12-25, BorgWarner 3K K03/4, KP/BV35/39/40/43/50, Mitsubishi (MHI) TD02/3/4, TF035 and IHI RHF4.


Why choose Melett pneumatic actuators?

      • Quality inspections and testing are carried out at several points throughout production. All final inspections are undertaken at Melett UK
      • All specialist materials comply with original OEM specification to ensure reliable performance

    Position Sensors

    We offer a range of position sensors:

    • Covering popular turbo models including Garrett GT15-25, BorgWarner BV43 and Mitsubishi (MHI) TD025
    • Extensively tested including lifecycle and on vehicle testing
    • Depending of the type of repair required, we offer position sensors individually or as part of an assembly, offering you a cost-effective repair solution

All Melett pneumatic actuators and position sensors can be found on Turbo Buildsheet using our Turbo Number & Keyword Search – Click here

For further information contact Melett via [email protected] or to order [email protected]  T: 01226 320939