Бюллетени новых деталей

Melett Product Bulletin 594 — March 2020

K04 Turbine Housing, BM65B Nozzle Ring Assembly, BV40 Shaft & Wheel, TD02H2 Compressor.

Melett Product Bulletin 593 — March 2020

HY35W Core Assembly, BM70B Actuator.

Melett Product Bulletin 592 — March 2020

BV43 Core Assembly, KP39 Repair Kit, S500 Repair Kit, BV43 Bearing Housing, BV43 Shaft &am.

Check out our recent MFS CHRA releases

As our CHRA range with MFS compressor wheels continues to grow, here are the latest releas.

Melett Product Bulletin 591 — February 2020

K03 Core Assembly, GTB1752VL Core Assembly, TA3120 Core Assembly, TA3120 Core Assembly, K0.

Melett Product Bulletin 590 — February 2020

GTB2056VL Actuator (REA), GTB1749VK Actuator (REA), GTA1852VK Actuator (REA), GTA1852VK Ac.

Melett Product Bulletin 589 — February 2019

GTD1444V Core Assembly, HY35W Core Assembly, TD04L4 Actuator, GTD1444V Bearing Housing, HY.

Melett Product Bulletin 588

B01V Core Assembly, RHF55 Core Assembly, GTB1752VK Actuator, GTB1749VK Actuator, GTB2260VZ.