Бюллетени новых деталей

Melett Turbochargers Bulletin 53 — January 2021

RHF5 Turbocharger, TD02L11 Turbocharger.

Melett Product Bulletin 615 — January 2021

TD03L4 Turbine Housing, GTB1749VK Turbine Housing, GTD1444VZ Turbine Housing, GT1241JOSZ .

5 New Melett CHRA Merry Christmas

GTD1036VZ Core Assembly, GTD1446VZM Core Assembly, GTD1446VZK Core Assembly, GTD1449VKZ Co.

A HUGE Thank You from Melett’s Product Team

GT2560S Core Assembly, GTC1549MVZ Actuator, GT1752S Actuator, B0RV Actuator.

Melett Product Bulletin 612 — November 2020

BV45 Core Assembly, K04 Core Assembly, GTC3788BNS Core Assembly, BMO Actuator, GTC3788BNS .

CHRAs you may have missed…

Popular Core Assemblies Here are some of the latest CHRAs to our range that you may have m.

Melett Product Bulletin 611 — November 2020

BM65B Core Assembly, KP39 Core Assembly, B01 Repair Kit, B2 Repair Kit, BM65B Bearing Hous.

Melett Product Bulletin 610 — October 2020

GT1549+VTC Core Assembly, BV35 Core Assembly, TD02 Repair Kit, RHF5 Actuator, TD02H2 Actua.