Is Porsche Bringing Diesel Back?

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Is Porsche bringing diesel back? Just because Porsche is pumping billions of dollars into its electric programs doesn’t mean the company has any intention of abandoning diesel engines, contradicting earlier statements.

Porsche’s Chairman of the Executive Board, Oliver Blume, says the company has declared it is 100% committed to keeping the internal combustion engine (ICE) alive because it will remain an integral part of the industry for the foreseeable future. Blume then emphasised that Porsche considers the demand for diesel engines to be very much alive.

“Porsche does not develop or manufacture its own diesel engines, and there are no plans to change that in the future,” said Blume. “All the same, there’s no reason to just suddenly abandon diesel.”

Porsche’s commitment to diesel engines is for the same reason its rivals are equally addicted; diesel engines generally produce less CO2 emissions than gasoline ones, which is important to achieving mandated CO2 emission target.

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