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Melett Range of Replacement Turbocharger Parts

In addition to replacement turbocharger repair kits, complete VSR balanced CHRA / Core Assemblies and individual turbo components, Melett supplies an extensive range of gasket kits and a growing range of electronic actuator gearboxes.

To help our customers provide a quality repair solution, Melett also offers a range of core assembly building tools specifically developed to assist the fast and efficient assembly of CHRA parts, and help to prevent component damage during assembly.

Electronic Actuator Repair Kits

Now available from Melett. To support the professional turbocharger repair market further, we have developed an electronic actuator repair kit offering you a more cost effective quality repair solution.

New Turbo Part Releases

Check out our latest new products releases. The new product releases section is updated almost daily to give our customers a snapshot of the latest new products added to the ever growing Melett product range.

Turbocharger Gasket Kits

With over 600 references covering more than 3400 applications, our complete range of OE quality gasket kits are available from stock and are ready for delivery. All kits include stainless steel gaskets (turbine), fibre or metal-rubber gaskets (oil) and copper washers, if necessary.

Turbo Actuator Gearboxes

Offering a solution to the long standing problem of failed gearboxes on electronic actuators, our actuator gearboxes have been developed using the original motor & plastic worm gear (imported from Germany), and the Melett lever arm pin, which is produced with a special surface hardened finish to assist longer life.

CHRA / Core Assemblies

Our growing range of replacement CHRA / Core Assemblies are all assembled and VSR balanced in our in-house fully equipped UK Core Production Facility, from Melett parts only. Where possible we incorporate improvements in the original design and use upgraded parts, producing an improved CHRA.

Variable Nozzle Rings

We offer a wide range of complete variable nozzle ring assemblies, covering many turbo models including: GT15-25V, TF035, TD03 & TD04, RHV4, CT16 & CT26 turbos, all produced with solid vanes for improved strength.

Turbo Repair Kits

Our repair kits are ‘in stock’ for nearly all turbo models – ranging from the oldest ST50/3LD through to the latest Garrett GTB Step 3 turbos, and less popular kits e.g. Komatsu & K54. Melett repair kits are available in: Minor Kits, Major Kits and Universal Kits.

Mini Turbo Repair Kits

Our mini-kits contain the main bearings, piston ring, thrust components and shaft nut, and exclude most of the bolts, O-rings and items which can be re-used. These kits are supplied in small blister packs or can be shipped as sets of individual piece parts when ordered in volume.

Bearing Housings

At Melett, we have a thorough understanding of bearing housing manufacture, and the complex processes involved to ensure they are produced correctly. Quality inspections and testing are carried out at several points throughout production, with all final inspections being undertaken at Melett UK

Shaft & Wheels / Turbine Wheels

At Melett, we offer a large range of shaft & wheels from the smallest KP35/GT12 models up to the large HC5A, including more unusual shafts such as Komatsu applications. Each shaft & wheel is produced to a Melett drawing and on Melett’s own casting tools.

Compressor Wheels

We have a wide range of compressor wheels available for the smallest Smart cars, through to the larger commercial vehicles and off highway applications. All our compressor wheels are manufactured, cast machined and balanced at quality facilities, the majority of which are in the UK.

Seal Plates / Back Plates

Melett seal plates undergo post casting processes to strengthen the product and only high quality castings are used. Often low quality casting companies use re-melt and poor casting material. Due to the harsh environment in the engine bay, such as high temperatures and vibrations, this can result in cracks or complete failure.

CHRA Building Tools

Melett's range of tools has been specifically developed to assist the fast and efficient assembly of CHRA parts and to help prevent component damage during assembly. From listening to our customers' requests and following the successful use of the tools in-house, the range is available to enable you to share in the benefits.

New Turbo Parts Bulletins

View our catalogue of New Parts Bulletins. Melett’s Parts Bulletins are released weekly to help our customers view the latest new releases from Melett. View, download and print Melett New Parts Bulletins from the TurboHub.


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